Student Projects 5: 2018 + “D+C”

In autumn 2018, we ran an additional module in the KEEP area, called Design and Community. This is project undertaken by all 3rd year degree students that is specifically designed to improve their skills in community engagement.

They work initially as a group, researching the site and relevant topics, then engage with local community stakeholders and the general public to develop a strategy for their sites.

Then they work alone, to develop designs for different areas and/or alternatives for the same area, and present these to community stakeholders and staff.

In the final phase, they take the feedback from this session and combine all work to date into a single coherent scheme for each site, which it is hoped that the local community might then consider taking forward to the next stage.

In 2018 there were two sites;

Burley Village Green (aka Burley Bottom Park)

Group A Portfolio

and the woods between Kirkstall Island Farm and Kirkstall Road.

Group B Portfolio

With many thanks to the people of Kirkstall and Burley who kindly gave up their time and ideas to help.