Student Projects 2: 2016

Between September 2015 and January 2016, Masters students from Leeds Becket University, working on the Cities Alive module, (with tutors Tom Bliss, Chris Royffe and Ruwan Aluvihare teaching around the principles promoted in Arup’s Tom and Sally Armour’s book of the same name), took the concept proposals created by the summer school students, (see Step 1 below) and developed them to the next stage.

NB These proposals are more strongly influenced by the post-grad module requirements than the core objectives of KEEP.

Wayne's World

Visualisation of new bridge, park and vertical farm by Wayne Worsdale 2016

Wayne developed Area 5 (between the railway and the canal) – containing the green technology energy park, one potential site for a vertical farm, sites for the other innovative food producers and green industries, the marina, and general park amenities. Area 5 (Green Technology Park) Wayne Worsdale

Charlie Coppice pic

Visualisation of coppicing in the Nature Reserve (above) and detail of Forest Garden planting (Below) by Charlie Caldicott 2016

Forest Garden Plan

Charlie investigated how the nature reserve in Area 4 might be made more productive, without detriment to its status, by introducing coppicing, forest gardens and grafted orchards. Area 4 (Nature Reserve) Charlie Caldicott

Trash Trap

Vivian’s wonderful Trash Trap Bridge 2016

Vivian looked at Area 6 in more detail – this is the area which contains Armley Mills and weir, extending up to the marina and sports area. Area 6 (Armley Mills +) Vivian Ng


Visualisation of riverside café  by Mohamed Al Abri 2016

Mohamed explored the possibility that the private 9 hole golf course on Redcote Lane might be relocated to within the LCC 18 hole course, which is being privatised (with the local club possibly only taking half of the course), thus freeing up riverside land for KEEP development. Area 3 + (Farm and Golf Course) Mohamed Al Abri

Other students developed ideas influenced by KEEP in other parts of the valley.