Background Documents

KVP Nature ReserveOther relevant Proposals for the Kirkstall Valley

Kirkstall Valley Park – main website (Cllr John Illingworth)

Kirkstall Valley Project LCC 23-07-15-1 (from Paul Quarmby)

KVP Proposals (2009) (from Chris Royffe)

KVP Draft 09 (from Chris Royffe)

Kirkstall Vision (from Lindsay Smales)


Other relevant Leeds Beckett Student Proposals

Insects for Human Consumption The Grubbies (from Baker, Contini and Wyman MA) (NB these proposals relate to Meanwood and Hyde Park, but are very applicable to KEEP)

The Grubbies

Gotts Park Public Garden schemes (Emma Oldroyd and BA students)


Summer School proposals as separate chapters (for easier access)

Introduction Summary, background, survey and analysis

AREA 1 New under-bridges and Abbey Mills brewery, shops and green enterprise

AREA 2 St Anns Mills, vertical farm, sustainability centre and businesses (3 options)

AREA 3 Community research farm, shop, café, accommodation and gig space

AREA 4 Canoe club and nature reserves with coppice, orchards, hydro power etc

AREA 5 Energy farm and green technology park

AREA 6 Armley MIlls, sculpture trails, solar furniture etc 


Appendices – references for Summer School Proposals (2015)

Includes research findings on: Deep Green Building Standards (‘The Living Building Challenge’), River Stewardship, Small Scale Renewable Energy Projects, Soils and Compost / Waste Remediation, Vertical Farming and Small Scale Closed Loop Food Systems, Meanwood Valley Urban Farm, Laura Fogg MA proposals for St Anns Mills in full

Yello Woods